Is polyphasic sleep a healthy one?

Sleeping is one of the mandatory practices for humans to lead a healthy life. There are three types of sleep available : monophasic sleep, biphasic sleep and polyphasic sleep. Some scientists do research about polyphasic sleep tricks the body. Monophasic sleep is one of the common types where adults used to practice in their day to day life. Sleeping once in a day is commonly called monophasic sleep. If any person sleeps twice a day it is called biphasic sleep. Usually in biphasic sleep people will sleep long at night and nap at day time. Sleeping more than two times a day is called polyphasic sleep. This is not a usual type of sleep and this polyphasic sleep is common among soldiers who aren’t able to sleep like normal people.

What is the schedule of polyphasic sleep?

In polyphasic sleep there are three types of schedules that are followed based on the timing. They are Dymaxion schedule, Uberman schedule and the third is Everyman schedule. This was first discovered in the year of 1943. In this schedule people used to sleep four times a day within a 30 minutes time period. So a total of 2 hours per day is a sleeping time in Dymaxion schedule. In Uberman schedule three types of variations are available, in the first variation sleeping 20 minutes for every four hours should be done. So a total of 3 hours of sleep per day should be done in the first variation. In the second variation it consists of 8 naps per day and in the third variation instead of 20 minutes nap 30 minutes nap should be done per day. In Everyman’s schedule three hours of sleep should be done at night and a 20 minutes nap should be done every three hours per day.

How to try polyphasic sleep and benefits of it?

If you are trying to start polyphasic sleep then you should keep in mind that it should not affect your daily routine sleep. For example if you are sleeping 8hours per day then try to split it into three sessions. In the first session you should sleep 6hours and in the next two sessions you should have two one hour sleep. Like this you can try polyphasic sleep at first.

 After knowing about benefits you may know whether polyphasic sleep tricks the body. Here are some of the benefits of polyphasic sleep,

  •       Chance of increase in productivity.
  •       Helps to reduce stress caused by insomnia.
  •       Your brain will adapt easily for short deep sleep.
  •       Your adenosine level will be sustained. That may help to develop your mental clarity.
  •       If you practice afternoon naps then that will reflect your circadian desire.

These are some of the basic advantages of polyphasic sleep. But this sleeping practice won’t suit everyone.

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